Evergreen Patterns of Salwar Suits

Salwar suits has always been the trademark wear of the Indian girls. Both, in rural and urban India, girls are crazy about the salwar suits and wear the same occasionally as well as casually. It has been part of Indian culture since decades and hence,  a lot many experiments have been done on its types. Here, we are presenting the popular styles of salwar suits among Indian girls

Traditional Salwar Suit - The original pattern of salwar suits is known as traditional one. It comes with a kurta free fit and pants broad enough to make you feel comfortable. The kurta comes with slit on both the side. The top and the pants are paired with a stole called ‘chunni’ in the local language. It is suggestible for all body shapes and sizes.

Patiala Suit - The style was originated in the state of Punjab and hence, named on one of its cities. The main attraction of this type is its pants, which give the impression of multi-layered balloon fit. The top more or less remain similar to the traditional types with difference in neck style. However, the size of patiala tops remain above the knee.

Straight Suit - The elegance that lies in this kind of suit cannot be compared with any other style. Mostly, it is made of cotton cloth because the pants remain skin tight in this pattern. As the name says, kurti remain straight in fitting. To give a different look, girls try different neck and back style. This can be wore in light occasion and daily wear.

Front Slit Salwar Suit - This type of salwar suits have a touch of western fashion in them. The pants in such suits looks like a broad trouser. However, their material is light in comparison with trouser. The main attraction is the top which is artistically designed with different shoulders, neck and back along with a big slit in the middle making it look awesome.

Anarkali - This pattern got its name from a fictional character much discussed in Indian epics and first time visually portrayed in a movie named ‘Mughal-e-Azam’. The actress wore quite a different clothes inspired from the mughal era though with a lot difference. The pattern got its idea from there. The pants has nothing much to do in this pattern as it is barely visible. The height of the top goes just a few inches above foot. The style of ‘Anarkali’ pattern gets too much broad towards the bottom making multiple flairs.