Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of some wonderful islands on earth. They frame an Indian State and the gathering of islands is generally reliant on visit and tourism, and agriculture.

The native tribes of the islands still remain exposed and move around. They are untouched from the outside world. The Sentinelese tribe of Andaman Islands has no connection with outside world and they don't wear any material. They account a little well known of the islands yet their life is a riddle.

Sentinelese tribe of Andaman and Nicobar Island

There is a predominant group too of the islands known as Jarwas, who wear armband, necklaces, waistband, barks of trees and other traditional clothing and gems.

A great deal of changes have been seen on the islands and their lifestyle and culture, and now tenants don't confine themselves to wearing coconut-leaf dresses and comparable sorts of clothing. Presently they wear current clothing. Comparable thing has occurred with the Onges tribe that has now embraced traditional dress in the wake of leaving their no dress culture. The Shormpen people just cover themselves from the abdomen.

Christians, Sikhs and Hindus living on the islands wear their traditional and current dresses like Kurtas, Dhoti, saree, salwars, Payjamas, shirts, pants and so forth. They are very much associated with the outside world so they continue changing their clothing like other present day individuals of India.

The clothing-patterns of Islands are changing. Sea-Shell ornaments, leaves dresses and comparative items' made clothing are essentially astounding.