The traditional clothing of Mizoram resembles the outfits of other hill states of the North-Eastern India. With a full fledge of outfits and brilliant designs, costumes of Mizoram are empowering enough to pull in such a large number of individuals. They contain ethnic heritage of the habitants.

Costumes of Women in Mizoram

Mizo women love to embellish themselves in Puran, which is the most loved dress in Mizoram. The vivacious shading and the excellent designs and fittings made this outfit eminent. Puanchei is the delightful costume of girls, for the most part worn amid festivals like Pawl Kut and Chapchar Kut. Its shades are white and dark. The dark zone of the attire is made from the manufactured hide. Women wear the outfit in uncommon occasion to embellish themselves.

Traditional Attire of Mizoram

Kawrchei is a brilliant blouse. It is made of cotton material and hand woven. The blouse is generally worn with Paunchei while moving. Already, these cloths were made by hands, yet now they are fabricated by the excellent machines. The cloths are outlined from the cotton and shades are composed by "Ting'.

The convention outfit of the females of the Lusei tribe is blue skirt made of cotton. This skirt is put on with a white coat and a wrapped cloth. Lusei girls wear a headgear. It involves a coronal, built from shaded bass and stick. Zakuolaisen is a wonderful bit of blouse with dark red stripes worn by unmarried females. What's more, after marriage girls wear Puon Pie.

Costumes of Men in Mizoram

Men in Mizoram jump at the chance to like a basic life. This likewise reflects in their traditional clothing. They dress up in a long bit of cloth. Amid the winter season, extra clothing is hung like a coat. Red and white shaded coats are for the most part favored by the Mizo males.

Amid the late spring months, they wear outfits around their abdomen. Also, to keep from the searing sun, a Pagri or Turban is put on. The males of Lusei tribe consider just cotton made clothing.