Many individuals imagine that individuals of Tripura additionally take after comparative traditions and examples of wearing clothing in Tripura like other north-eastern conditions of India. Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is altogether different. The outfits are absolutely assorted regarding plans and examples in this province of India. The uneven territory of Tripura is honored with normal delights. You can likewise discover dedicated weavers with aptitude to configuration dazzling dresses for kids, youths and elderly. There are a few tribes in Tripura like Kuki-Chin, Khakloo, Lushei and Halam, where you can discover specialty of weaving for planning traditional outfits.

Remarkable likeness of standard clothing can likewise be found in tribes like Khakloo. As the occupants of Tripura get a kick out of the chance to live basic way of life, their costumes are likewise outlined in such a way. Plain dressing design is predominant all through the tribes that can be found in normal work and bumpy climate. Babies scarcely wear anything separated from those circumstances when it winds up noticeably fundamental in the stormy season and winter. Loincloth is worn by the kids.

Costumes of Men in Tripura

The standard costume for men in Tripura is a free fabric looking like a towel known as Rikutu Gamcha worn with a shirt known as Kubai. Amid the mid year months, individuals put on a turban or pagri over their make a beeline for shield themselves from inordinate warmth and muggy. The western culture has affected the clothing of young men and they want to wear shirts, jeans, trousers, shirts and different outfits in western style.

Costumes of Women in Tripura

In tribes like Khakloo, women cover themselves in a huge bit of material called as Rinai. It is hung the whole way across the midsection till the knees. Women additionally put on a short size of fabric known as Risa. The majority of the Risas are composed with dazzling weavings. Women can likewise be seen wearing headdresses at the work.

Coin strands and plenty of dabs are utilized to improve the neck of females. They wear a blue cotton texture too that resembles slip or skirt. With regards to playing out the move, some additional clothing are worn by the women. In addition, they wear lovely gems in uncommon occasions and festivals.