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  1. Gold And Rani Linen Silk Jacquard Printed Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,965.00 Now Only ₹2,370.00
  2. Rani And Chiku Linen Silk Jacquard Printed Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,965.00 Now Only ₹2,370.00
  3. Mahendi Linen Silk Jacquard Printed Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,965.00 Now Only ₹2,370.00
  4. Navy Green Linen Silk Jacquard Printed Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,965.00 Now Only ₹2,370.00
  5. Orange And Red Moss Chiffon Embroidered Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹3,700.00 Now Only ₹2,960.00
  6. Green And Blue Rangoli Silk Embroidered Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹3,700.00 Now Only ₹2,960.00
  7. Pink Banarasi Silk Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹3,700.00 Now Only ₹2,960.00
  8. Fashions Green Color Georgette Floral Print Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,680.00 Now Only ₹2,145.00
  9. Brown Color Satin Chiffon Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,675.00 Now Only ₹2,140.00
  10. Pink And Orange Moss Chiffon And Georgette Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,640.00 Now Only ₹2,110.00
  11. Yellow Color Georgette Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,200.00 Now Only ₹1,760.00
  12. Dark Green Color Moss Chiffon Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,715.00 Now Only ₹2,170.00
  13. Red Color Georgette Sari
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,670.00 Now Only ₹2,135.00
  14. Magenta Georgette Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,695.00 Now Only ₹1,885.00
  15. Royal Black Brasso Half and Half Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,750.00 Now Only ₹1,925.00
  16. Orange Color Crepe Jacquard Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,615.00 Now Only ₹1,830.00
  17. Green and Grey Color Georgette Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,695.00 Now Only ₹1,885.00
  18. Grey And Pink Color Chiffon Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,715.00 Now Only ₹1,900.00
  19. Chiffon Pink Color Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,800.00 Now Only ₹1,960.00
  20. Red color Georgette Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,205.00 Now Only ₹1,545.00
  21. Red Georgette Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,185.00 Now Only ₹1,530.00
  22. Multi Color Georgette Saree
    MRP Regular Price ₹2,070.00 Now Only ₹1,655.00
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Designer Sarees Online: How and Why To Buy Them?

Urban India provides you with various Tant and cotton sarees designs for the bride that caters to buyers with different tastes in design. Our collection of Designer Sarees online with price will woo over even the choosiest of buyers. We also offer an exclusive range of Designer Lehenga Choli. You can choose from our collection with attractive colours, dazzling patterns and unique style.

The saree has successfully maintained its place in the heart of Indian women. Even though the option of western attires has been made available to them. Saree enhances the beauty of any woman who chooses to wear it. And with the introduction of Designer Sarees Online, many of them choose it for Party wear or wear it to honour a traditional ceremony. But even though women cherish the desire to own the Latest Designer Sarees for wedding and bride. It is much loved and worn by fashion lovers and celebrities. They are wary of buying them as they get duped by the sellers. At Urban India, you can select the Indian Saree Styles online of your choice as we guarantee the authenticity of it.

The traditional sarees design for the wedding party is available in different materials to wear for different seasons. Designers are incorporating their own ideas to add more vibrancy to the cotton, chiffon Silk and georgette sarees. They add prints or embroidery to the Silk sarees to increase their appeal to the women. Various embroidery patterns get added to the Silk sarees to make them look more appealing to the buyers.

In traditional or Party Wear Sarees, you will find fashionable ethnic wear attire here. Browse through the latest Designer Bridal Sarees online at Urban India with the best quality fabrics. Like chiffon, crepe, Cotton georgette, silk and cotton-silk and many more.

We have so many products in Bhagalpuri, Khadi, Mysore silk, Patola, and Leheriya Bandhani sarees online. Choose Urban India to get an outstanding Designer Sarees with Price for women. Get our one of the Latest Lehenga Sarees. These awesome products are ideal for ethnic functions and Wedding Parties.

Check out our latest South Indian Kanjeevaram Sarees with online shopping. These are made with pure silk with heavy zari work in different patterns. It is hot at favourite attire at the wedding. It is worn with the finest of gold and diamond jewellery. That can give you a Royal Look at the wedding.


Things that you need to know before you decide to Buy Designer Sarees Online:


Body Structure:

Young buyers want to buy Designer sarees online that are easier to carry and would give their body prominent shapes making them look good. You can buy Silk, Georgette, Cotton, Crepe, chiffon or Tant sarees as these materials are not that heavy and will be easier to carry. Since the materials will make you look slim. As it fits the structure of your body perfectly. The cotton, silk, or chiffon sarees in artificial material give you a much heavier look in the formal occasion. As the cloth consists of various layers and bright colours.


For the Occasion:

Many women buy designer sarees for the wedding party and on any special occasions. But it is important that you make sure that the saree that you bought is appropriate for the occasion. You have to find a balance between simple and gaudy.


Right Embroidery:

Too much embroidery work can make the appeal of the saree minimum. So you will have to choose the right designs so that both you and your saree look good for the occasion. Selecting Designer saris Online for ethnic wear can help you to avoid the humiliation of wearing a tacky saree to a special occasion. As designers understand how much embroidery work has to be put in to make the saree look appealing.

Many of you might still be wondering what the necessity of Designer Sarees is when you can buy any beautiful saree online at a lower price. Here are a few reasons that will help to change your views towards designer saris.


Colour Options:

If you choose Designer Sarees for the wedding? Then you will get a lot more colour option. Then you will get if you select any other sarees for the bride. Designers are known to experiment with a different colour combination. That brings you colourful saree that you will not get elsewhere. They will also make sarees that has more than one colour artistically put together. You can select the ones you feel attracted to and wear them whatever occasion you have to attend.


Ethnic Wears:

Designers not only create Indian sarees for traditional or for various functions, but also for religious ceremonies. The regional sarees that the designers create are perfect attire to wear at various religious ceremonies. These sarees are not just helpful to women of a certain region to wear during their religious occasion but make other people also aware of the cultures that exist. Women who do not belong to the same religion can also buy these Designer Sarees online and wear them at their religious occasions.


Current Designs:

One major reason for selecting Designer Saris online is that you can buy the ones the design of which is current and most appreciated. As designers are the ones who set the trend. It will be helpful if you follow their work to stay updated on the current style. You do not want to wear sarees that are out of fashion to important occasions or social gatherings. You can wear a net saree with current design and let people around you know that you follow the changing trends of fashion and keep up-to-date with it.

The addition of zari, sequins, thread work, stones, beads, or prints are the things that make the saree look more appealing. And the usage of these generally goes away and comes back into style with Designer Sarees. You will be able to know if certain Saree styles are suitable for use or not. Designers also know how to use these styles correctly to attain the look that they have in their mind. You can trust the designers completely and select the saree that you like as it will be beautiful to look at and will also be following the current trend.


Using the Best Fabrics:

Designers are aware of the various fabrics that are there while they create a saree. They select the ones that they know will be easier for women to wear. They also select the fabrics which will help them to display the designs in a better way. These Indian Ethnic sarees get carefully designed so that women can wear them during any formal occasion and not just on special occasions. The material of the saree is selected with caution so that they are easier to use and you can wear them for various purposes. So Designer Sarees are not only meant for occasions like festivals and wedding ceremonies but also used as formal wear.


Affordable Price:

Many of you might argue that Designer Saris cost a lot and that puts a lot of strain on your purse. Making it impossible for you to buy it. But that is not true. You can buy a designer sarees online spending as much as you would spend to buy a non-designer one. The price range gets created so that every woman can have the chance to buy them. There are some that are expensive that you can wear for special occasions, but there are also affordable sarees that you can use as regular wears or for various get-togethers.

Once you start buying Designer Saris online, you will understand how different it is from other sarees. The design and material of the saree will help you to understand the price range of it. If you buy one designer sarees for wedding or bride? You will want to keep buying them as they are so beautiful and are so easy to carry. Check for yourself and then decide whether the saree is too expensive for you or not.

At Urban India, you will surely find Designer Sarees of your liking as we have a huge collection from which you can choose. Do not keep yourself from checking out our collection thinking that you will be unable to buy them. Our price ranges are quite reasonable, and you will see that each designer saris online is appropriately in its pricing. We take pride in our collection as you will find a saree for every occasion imaginable. It is needless to say that all the sarees are current in design and are lovely to look. So, check out our Latest collection of Designer Party wear sarees with price and buy as many as you want.